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The Story Behind Our Jerky

Jerky is the food of my youth, long American road trips crammed in to the back of pick up trucks grabbing a stick of jerky at the rest stops, chewing on a stick whilst in line for a college football game or over a beer in the yard during a BBQ. As I got older, the trips to the States lessened but the memories stayed and for many years beef jerky was an all too rare treat.

Then supermarkets in the UK started to sell large packets of jerky, with horns and cactuses and cowboys emblazoned across the packaging, hurray I thought, jerky has finally come to the UK….but not as I knew it. These offerings tasted more like a beef sweetie than the jerky I remembered. So I set about creating authentic, artisan, British beef jerky remaining true to the tastes and flavours that had me hooked all those years ago. Our jerky is made using silverside and topside of British Beef which is then trimmed and sliced by hand before being marinated in our own unique recipes. The beef is then dried and ta-daa, there you have it folks, proper beef jerky!

Now also available is the newest addition to the Little Brown Shed family, our Wild Venison Jerky. Made using locally shot Essex fallow deer from Howletts Hall, we have kept the marinade simple so as to bring out the full flavour of the venison. Artisan foodie treats don’t get much better than this!

Our Jerky Varieties

0 Hours
The minimum time our Jerky is marinated for

Why Choose Our Jerky

  • High Quality Meat

    We use only silverside or topside of British Beef for our beef jerky varieties and locally sourced Essex fallow deer for our Venison Jerky
  • Full-On Flavours

    The taste is in the chew with jerky and we pack as much flavour in to our jerky as possible by cutting across the grain and marinating each batch for at least 12 hours
  • Expertly dried

    Once marinated, the jerky is laid out in our dehydrators with a watchful eye cast over them for several hours, hand turned at intervals throughout the process until perfectly dried and ready to be enjoyed.