Stuart Austin MMA proudly sponsored by The Little Brown Shed

Ladies and Gentlemen, please be upstanding for the new BAMMA Lonsdale Heavyweight Champion…..and Brown Shed Jerky lover…Stuart Austin!!

BAMMA 23 Stuart Austin

We first met Stuart one Saturday at Broadway Market when he brought a bag of our jerky, came back having eaten it and said ‘fancy sponsoring me?’. We’re very pleased that we said yes, and we were cheering last Saturday when Stuart fought at the BAMMA23 Night of Champions in Birmingham and picked up a title. We’re really pleased Stuart is such a fan of our jerky, and that we can provide him with a tasty, high protein snack during training. So, Stuart, please accept a big high five from Jenny & I at The Little Brown Shed and we’ll make sure the jerky keeps on coming!

BAMMA 23 Stuart Austin Brown Shed Jerky

You can follow Stuart on Twitter @StuartAustinMMA and on Instagram @stuartaustinmma