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Tinkering in the shed…

The Little Brown Shed’s founder, Dan, was never one of those people with a clear idea of what he wanted to be when he was older (unless you count being a Jedi Knight) but thanks to several trips to Texas during his younger years he had developed rather a taste for BBQ food and beef jerky. Always eclectic and adventurous in his tastes, when he first spied a jar of blackened, gnarly dried meat on a gas station counter his only instinct was to buy some and eat it and from then on he was hooked. Fast forward more years than he’d care to admit and he’d jacked in his job as an estate agent in favour of food. Initially starting a pop up site serving slow smoked pulled pork and beef brisket, he set about trying to recreate the jerky he’d once savoured – not it turns out as an act of entrepreneurial brilliance but because he in fact wanted something to snack on in between customers. Several months of tinkering in his shed later and now it was the jerky that was being snapped up. The Little Brown Shed Co. was born.

The joy of good food with friends features heavily in the ethos of The Little Brown Shed Co. and all of the products are handmade in small batches resulting in unique artisan British produce. And just to up the feel good factor, the business is entirely family run with Dan’s wife hanging up her suit as well in favour of the shed life. Now with an army of fans, and having been recognised with a Great Taste Award 2016, Dan spends his days making batches of jerky, working on new recipes and championing British produce….beats being an estate agent!